The country of Estonia doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think about custom motorcycles, that’s for sure. But custom shop Kalapea Design, by virtue of its excellent lineup of bike projects, is surely going to put Estonia on the map of many bike fans.

If you want proof, Kalapea Design’s Ducati Hypermotard 796 Hyperscrambler is all you need to look at — rugged and military-like, this steampunk-industrialist beast features a patina fit for a dark, desolate world; a “used” and “lived in” aesthetic George Lucas would salivate for (well, original trilogy Lucas, that is).

Truth be told, the Hyperscrambler didn’t look as beautiful as it does in the photo above. Kalapea Design had to work with what was then a complete wreck of a bike. You don’t even need before-and-after pictures to realize how remarkable a restoration/custom job the shop has done.

As for the specs, this Ducati bad boy boasts a Moto Guzzi V7 tank. Plus luggage boxes custom-built from fuel tanks along with custom racks (and waterproof, too), GN all-metal fenders, plus a and a standalone programmable ECU and Acewell dash rig to top it all off.

Just in case you were wondering — yes, someone already owns this bike. In fact, it was a request job, and Kalapea Design founder Kaspar Ilves was more than happy to do it. The vision, according to him, was to “build a bike that is bigger and has better performance compared with original Ducati ‘Scrambler’ model. All this was necessary as the owner wants to ride this bike across Europe’s trail roads.”