Over the years, tech industry analysts have observed a remarkable surge in the adoption of smart technology. People are keeping up with modern advancements to make living even more convenient. With reliable and speedy wireless internet connectivity found on almost any home, it was only a matter of time before traditional appliances and electronics integrate smart technology into their systems. As such, we can now enjoy more time for leisure as cutting-edge tech such as the one on the RoboGeek 23T take care of the cleaning.

The introduction of robot vacuums made old-school housework a thing of the past with a few exceptions. Now, we only need to wait until engineers build a machine that can handle all types of cleaning; from the floor up to the ceiling. It might just be pipe dreams for now, but who knows what the future will bring, right? With a platform such as the RoboGeek 24T from dser, we’re excited to see what comes next.

Although the brand might not be on the tip of anyone’s tongue who are in the market for innovative household electronics, we believe it deserves more praise. Aside from its lineup of autonomous vacuum cleaners, dser also has a portable movie projector for your entertainment needs. The brand’s product catalog still has room to grow as it gradually caters to the needs of consumers. We had the opportunity to try out the RoboGeek 23T and so far, we love what it can do.

What’s inside the box?

Let’s start off by looking at what is included in the package when your order arrives. Despite the sleek and slim design of the RoboGeek 23T, the box was bigger than what we expected. Nevertheless, everything within is secured properly, which reduces the likelihood of damage from shipping.

Aside from the robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll find everything needed to quickly get it up and running. We recommend fully charging the unit first before deploying it on its first journey around your home. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find within the box.

Virtually Quiet Operation

We want to point this out before anything else. If the only vacuum cleaners you have used so far are the regular ones, the RoboGeek 23T will shock you, but in a good way. You probably know what we are talking about here. Just as we were expecting the loud roar of the motor and the suction, there was essentially none of that. You won’t be jolted the moment it executes its program to leave your floor spotless.

After using a robot vacuum like this one from dser, you’re no longer considering going back. The noise output is virtually negligible. While the RoboGeek 23T does its thing, you don’t have to worry about it waking people up. Trust us, save your kids and pets from the terror of hearing the ear-splitting roar of a conventional vacuum cleaner in action.

RoboGeek 23T Features
Cleaning Capabilities

One of the performance metrics people look for when shopping for an automated option is suction power. This is understandable given we want the machine to suck up almost any type of debris from our floors. As such, dser equips the RoboGeek 23T with a robust system that generates up to 2200Pa.

It will get the job done on most types of surfaces such as wood, tiles, carpets, and other types of flooring. The sensors on board even automatically adjust the suction when it detects carpets or mats to dislodge stubborn particles caught between the fibers. Moreover, the sensors also keep it from falling off edges when cleaning near stairs or other elevated areas.

Versatile Control and Connectivity

Aside from the autonomous adaptability of robot vacuums, it’s also important to have some measure of control over its functions. Therefore, you can manually set what you want the RoboGeek 23T to do in several ways. One is to use the supplied remote which features a large digital LCD display.

Another alternative would be to download the companion app and use your iOS or Android smartphone. Finally, its Wi-Fi connectivity allows owners to command it via Alexa or Google Assistant. We’re unsure if dser will eventually add support for Apple’s Siri though.

Battery, Charging, Maintenance

The RoboGeek 23T is powered by a rechargeable 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery. When it’s fully juiced up, it is capable of 100 minutes of runtime before navigates its way back to the charging dock. Based on our tests, it needs ample clearance to properly position itself into the receptacle. It takes anywhere between 4-5 hours for a full charge.

After a while, the 0.6-liter dustbin is going to get full. While it’s not exactly an issue, we hope dser reworks the dust compartment in later models to make it easier to access. To clean the filter, just take it out and wash it over running water. Next, are the magnetic boundary strips which keep your little buddy here out of areas that are off-limits.

If anything eventually does give out and your unit is beyond the warranty period, dser offers a selection of replacement parts. We suggest grabbing the RoboGeek Replacement Kit bundle as it has all the necessary items save for the battery which is sold separately.


To wrap it all off, we found the RoboGeek 23T as a capable low-cost platform for folks in the market for their first robot vacuum. It’s also great for households with pets that shed a lot of hair. We would suggest that you use it in areas in your home where dust, dirt, and other debris tend to pile up. If it’s a regular routine for you to sweep or vacuum your floors, having an automated machine do it for you will require some adjustments on your part.

It is difficult to find fault with a the RoboGeek 23T which already provides great value for the price. On the other hand, if some people really nitpick about the finer details, they’ll probably talk about the lack of real-time mapping. However, one should understand that this feature comes at a huge cost. Overall, it is a great gadget for busy folk who need some cleaning assistance.

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