Although highly unlikely, those who are about to assemble their first gaming/productivity rig should be wary of the rabbit hole called customization. We know people who originally wanted to stick to a specified budget but ended up way beyond that. If you are an automotive aficionado, for example, the Black Diamond 75 should appeal to your interests and provide premium performance.

Manufactured by DRY STUDIO, this just might be the most overengineered computer accessory we’ve seen so far. Similar to how a supercar is designed and assembled, almost everything about this input device accounts for comfort, responsiveness, and striking aesthetics. Available in Carbon and Mithril colorways, buyers can opt for the Base or Advanced versions.

Although the standard trim is already brimming with top-notch bells and whistles, we recommend the flagship package for the best experience. the Black Diamond 75 supports wired, 2.4 GHz wireless (dongle included), and Bluetooth connectivity options. Its product page tells us the cord-free protocol was developed by Angry Miao to keep latency below two milliseconds.

Outfitted with a 5,000 mAh battery, this keyboard is rated to last up to 75 days on a single charge. This bad boy features a 1.6 mm hot-swappable PCB, an FR4 plate, Poron foam, a honeycomb silicone pad, and IPXE switch pads. Furthermore, the Black Diamond 75 is billed as the first of its kind equipped with a leaf spring mounting system.

An integrated wristrest aids in comfort during extended gaming/typing sessions. DRY STUDIO uses DR Rapid Ice (linear) Gateron stabilizers for the Carbon, while the Mithril SKU’s switches are KTT Wine Red (linear) Gateron stabilizers. The former is rendered in carbon fiber and the latter is in aluminum. There is nothing like the Black Diamond 75 in the market right now.

“Inspired by the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador – the MANSORY Carbonado – also known as the “Black Diamond”. A unique and fierce shape. This is what we aim to bring to your desk,” writes DRY STUDIO. “Custom shape. Carbon fiber material. Hand-polished PMMA acrylic with increased hardness exposes the leaf spring internals. And a solid aluminum alloy bottom cover. Just like the rock-hard chassis of a supercar.”

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Images courtesy of DRY STUDIO