Having clean clothes to put on is a very important creature comfort. However, if you are traveling, camping, or just live in a place too small for a traditional washer & dryer, the Drumi Foot-Powered Portable Washer ($239) may be just the solution to a dirty problem.

The Drumi was originated by Industrial Design student Yi Jiang who saw the need in his own life for a small, easy to use washer. His creation is a simple cylinder 20″ tall by 18″ in diameter, that can handle up to 5 lbs of clothes and uses only 2.6 gals (10 liters) of water per wash, 5 each for wash and rinse. The Drumi requires only 20% of the detergent needed for a full-sized washer and, best of all, uses no electricity. It is operated by a ruggedly-constructed foot pedal and takes only 5 minutes to do a load of clothing.

Weighing a mere 20 pounds, the Drumi is great for RV’s & campers, taking up less space than a drinks cooler, and if you’re a small apartment dweller, the Drumi will fit conveniently in your closet. Even if this compact washer doesn’t completely replace your trips to a laundromat, it will help keep the piles of dirty clothes at bay. Details in the video.