Take a look around when you’re in public. Chances are almost everyone either has TWS earbuds or headphones on. These models are typically equipped with active noise cancellation technology to filter unwanted noise. While the average listener won’t be able to tell the intricate nuances, audiophiles, on the other hand, demand precision. The OAE1 Signature is geared for the latter.

Should you ever browse the massive selection of audio products, we recommend never to go down that rabbit hole without a detailed guide. Casual buyers can be easily swayed by marketing mumbo-jumbo, which is why technical specifications matter. Hence, it’s best to do a bit of research to avoid post-purchase regret in the long run.

These sleek cans are a collaboration between Drop and Grell Audio. After the former’s awesome The Lord of the Rings keyboard tie-in, we have high expectations from this latest venture. The German audio group behind this partnership is renowned for its high-fidelity acoustics. Therefore, the OAE1 Signature is configured as open-back headphones.

Everything has been meticulously engineered and tuned to deliver “an ultra-expansive soundstage” with superior accuracy. Thus, the OAE1 Signature is intended for private listening sessions at home. They’re crafting these bad boys from premium materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plush fabrics.

We generally hear sound from conversations, stereo speaker systems, and concerts from the front. As such, the biocellulose dynamic drivers are positioned at an angle instead of directly over our ears. This setup takes into account the geometry of our ears to help us perceive sound “as naturally as possible.”

According to Drop, “Axel Grell and his team developed earcups that are 90-percent open metal mesh and a woven stainless steel acoustic damper mesh, both of which allow sound waves to pass through with minimal interference.” Only 1,000 examples are available and preorders are now open. Don’t miss out on the limited-edition version of the OAE1 Signature.

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Images courtesy of Drop/Grell Audio