We’re no strangers to odd collaborations every now and then, but more eager to talk about some unique ones. One just happened to drop and it’s the Driza-Bone x Mack Trucks Super-Liner. Here we have an iconic Australian clothing brand, while the other is an American truck manufacturer. Despite their different markets, both are ready to promote their respective wares.

They’re doing this via one heck of a road trip starting from Brisbane all the way to Mt Isa to join the rodeo. This creative project is the brainchild of Driza-Bone creative director Justin O’Shea. This massive undertaking demands an equally-sized platform, which comes in the form of a customized Mack Truck Super-Liner.

In an interview, he claims the inspiration came from his childhood. Growing up in a mining community, trucks are a regular fixture. Those who have seen a Mack Truck Super-Liner up close have an idea of how gargantuan these can be. This 18-wheeler receives a blackout makeover that adds to its imposing outline.

Now, this is how you make an impact! With its towering size, you bet people will notice this hulking beast as it drives by. There are several towns along the way and the publicity it generates will be one-of-a-kind. Driza-Bone is recognized for its tough apparel which somehow matches the beefy ruggedness of Mack Trucks.

This 85-foot big rig is going for a stealthy style with its matte black palette. Instead of shiny chrome accents, the behemoth features hints of yellow which surprisingly gives the dark canvas of its body a nice pop of contrast. The Driza-Bone x Mack Trucks Super-Liner is a must-see for those at the rodeo.

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images courtesy of Driza-Bone/Mack Trucks