Building a structure normally uses up multiple resources. Nevertheless, there are some companies that provide eco-conscious solutions that have minimum impact on our environment. Sustainability is the name of the game and one design studio practically lives by the concept. Optimizing what was readily available, the company constructs a picture-perfect combination of a small shelter and diving platform. The Dream/Dive Platform is located in a secluded but picturesque area within Bob’s Lake, Ontario.

Founded by Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson, Studio North is a Canadian workshop that maintains a unique philosophy. Each of their projects must bring out the beauty of the locale and the end product as well. That’s why the Dream/Dive Platform is a perfect example that showcases what the studio is capable of.

It uses a mix of wood recovered from a deck and a few 2×4 planks from a local shop. They wrapped the frame of the shelter with a mosquito net to take advantage of the sunlight and breeze—ideal for a nap or deep slumber. A wax canvas is on hand to quickly cover up the shed in order to block out rain and hot summer rays. If you want to take a dip, the lake is just a few steps and a dive away.

Furthermore, the rest of the materials used were salvaged from several sources such as a rowboat oar, rocks from the lake shore, and nylon rope from a sailboat. Now if only more builders adopt the same mindset as Studio North and create something like the Dream/Dive Platform.

Dream/Dive Platform

Photos courtesy of Studio North