Unlike the gear used for recreational scuba diving, those in the commercial sector require different types of equipment. Italian diving systems specialist DRASS Galeazz has been in the business since 1927 and continues to innovate its products to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its target market. Its latest is the D-ONE – a heavy-duty diving helmet.

Back in the day, the company was supplying divers with boots, lead, knives and helmets. To date, its vintage accessories are instant collector’s items and regularly command a high price in auctions. This shows just us how enthusiasts hold the name in such high regard. Thus, it carries on the tradition with the latest generation of releases.

Before they even deem the D-ONE ready for mass production, it undergoes a series of grueling tests. Abiding by the requirements of the EN 15333 standard certification, the D-ONE reportedly passes with flying colors. This means users can benefit from the ergonomics, ease of inhalation, and optimal field of vision.

DRASS also designs their new diving helmet to have a remarkable level of customizability. Depending on the task or mission, the diver can attach a camera and light that can record and broadcast a live feed to operators above. Underwater welding jobs are not an issue, as D-ONE users can attach a welding shield.

The 30-degree rear angle on the diving helmet makes it easy for the user to wear or remove. It also makes it easier for them to tilt their head up with minimal fatigue, which is ideal for longer dives. Depending on the temperature of the water, the D-ONE supports water shroud and defogger attachments. DRASS is engineering everything to be intuitive, durable, and comfortable.

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Images courtesy of DRASS