When the founder of Dr. Squatch Soap Company (check out their pine tar soap) first became interested in researching the benefits of natural products, he didn’t realize how much modernization had endangered customers by substituting synthetic compounds to save money. Jack determined that what people put ON their bodies was every bit as important as what they put IN them.

Using traditional soap making methods he created a blend of 100% organic, plant-based ingredients to produce a shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans but helps heal your hair as it does. Dr. Squatch Men’s Shampoo & Conditioner ($25) have the coveted Natural Products Association seal to guarantee safety, sustainability, and purity of the product.

Inside the shampoo are nettle, burdock root, tea tree oil, and cypress to provide strength to hair while refreshing and revitalizing it and the scalp. In the conditioner are such hydrating aids as aloe vera and calendula. Peppermint stimulates root growth and sage balances the pH to maintain a healthy environment for hair growth. Your head will thank you for going all natural on it – unless you really do prefer washing your head in some chemical ooze. Details in the video.