DOT Alpaca Camper is your all-in-one lightweight outdoor partner when it comes to adventures in the rain, sun, or snow. This is an all-season, all-in-one minimal camper with an aluminum shell designed to fit most pick-up trucks including the popular European-market trucks Ford Ranger and the VW Amarok.

German adventure company DOT or Days on Track built this pop-up camper for all kinds of activities and adventures. They designed it to be aesthetically appealing too thanks to the use of vibrant fabric and wooden door, wall, and roof panels. It boasts light wood exterior paneling and bright olive fabric with a pop of orange. For a more modern approach, powder-coated aluminum or carbon fiber panels are also available along with a series of fabric colors. 

Regardless of the color theme, the DOT Alpaca Camper ensures a comfortable living space with the inclusion of color-changing ambient LED lighting and a full-size 98” x 51” bed with a mattress, which leaves the pick-up bed available to load camping gear. This camper also comes with a lightweight rooftop tent with a removable tent shell and window hatches on the sides of the panels for light and air to come in. 

This pop-up camper weighs approximately 170kg and stands 25.5″ when closed and 98.4″ when open, allowing around 8 feet of headroom inside. This topper even offers a raised ribbed roof rack for added space for your gear. Days on Track says the frame is also compatible with common off-road accessories and camping equipment such as auxiliary lights, and awnings. The DOT Alpaca Camper is available for pre-order starting at US$9,775.

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Images courtesy of Days On Track