Almost everybody wouldn’t say no to a caravan. Those that do likely have challenges with parking space. The rest, however, would jump at the opportunity to own an RV. Meanwhile, a concept called the Mio Space is an attempt at a dual-purpose platform which can be used as a travel trailer or as a home extension when there are no trips planned.

We know some folks already do this with their existing motorhomes, but what the Mio Space provides is an attractive design that looks good both on the road or just parked beside your house. Instead of the usual aesthetics, its exterior is decked in a bold matte brown with wooden elements on the flanks. On the other hand, it may come off as a huge stylish toaster given its silhouette.

Nevertheless, this partnership between Kworks and Lixil aims to deliver a camper trailer with an inviting interior clad in wood and earthy tones. Overall, the theme makes the volume seem cozy and ideal for all-season use. Digital nomads can turn it into a detached office, while it can also double as a guest room of sorts with the right furnishings.

Speaking of layout, there is no standard configuration as both companies encourage interested clients to customize their Mio Space according to their own personal preferences. Large windows and a skylight allow natural lighting to filter in. Wooden slats line the walls and ceiling to provide a degree of modularity with various add-ons and accessories.

Kworks plans to open its books for preorders around summer next year. As of this writing, official specifications for the Mio Space are not yet available. It’s unclear if the camper trailer will ever see an international release, given the firms behind this project are based in Japan.

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Images courtesy of Kworks/Lixil