Do you miss the badass look of old-school hot rods? These custom rides are built for adrenaline-pumping performance and gut-wrenching speeds. Unlike sleek supercars, these types of machines often come with avant-garde aesthetics that showcase loud colors and graphics. Donkervoort knows what its clients crave and is eager to please. As such, its DB GTO Individual Series is finally heading to U.S. markets.

According to the company, since its founding in 1978, it wanted to supply like-minded enthusiasts stateside. Thus, Dutch marque’s managing director, Denis Donkervoort, notes their goal is finally within reach. Courtesy of its partnership with Bespoke Imports Group, it can finally distribute and service vehicles like the DB GTO Individual Series domestically.

As you can probably guess, the model’s name encourages personalization. Donkervoort says the silhouette in question “opens the door to hypercar levels of customization at a supercar price.” Basically, the shop is willing to build crazy one-offs as long as what the buyer wants does not violate any regulations for street-legal vehicles.

The impending arrival of the DB GTO Individual Series is a thrilling prospect. It could pave the way for succeeding releases from Donkervoort in the future. This grand tourer is packing a 2.5-liter R5 TFSI turbocharged inline-five from Audi. The mill produces 435 bhp and 420.4 lb-ft of torque. This stylish grand tourer can hit 60 mph from a standstill in 2.7 seconds.

Instead of just a few components here and there, the carmaker imposes no limit to how much carbon fiber goes into your commissioned DB GTO Individual Series. Donkervoort currently has a two-year waiting list for its buyers in Europe. However, they are allocating exclusive early-access slots for customers in the United States. So far, several units already have owners.

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Images courtesy of Donkervoort