As of late, China and its many provinces have been showcasing exceptional architectural works. If you’re global expeditions take you to Sichuan, there’s an attraction that is worth a visit. The Dongan Lake Sports Park corridors are the work of Atelier sq and stands in Dongan New Town, Longquanyi.

It recently hosted the opening ceremonies for the 31st Chengdu FISU World University Games. However, instead of kicking off the event this June, organizers are postponing it to 2023 instead. Nonetheless, there is a lot to take in and explore at the Dongan Lake Sports Park.

Helmed by architects Jia Liu and Xianshu Jin, the venue spans 35,520.90 square feet. The project was officially announced in December 2020 and completed in January 2022. The site features several buildings. The main stadium can hold up to 40,000 spectators, a multi-purpose gymnasium, an aquatics center, and a multi-ball games gymnasium.

Another interesting creation at the Dongan Lake Sports Park is the orange/white corridor that interconnects the aforementioned structures. Each extends from the terraces and provides people with an alternative walkway that also offers remarkable views of the surrounding landscape.

All three meet and spiral down to a children’s playground. Forming the walkways are steel box girders with hexagonal columns in the shape of a “V” supporting them. Framing them are steel plates with lighting systems set in between.

The illumination it provides at night really brings out the complexity of the corridors’ design. When the upcoming 31st Chengdu FISU World University Games is over, the Dongan Lake Sports Park will continue to be a wonderful public space locals and tourists can enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Arch-Exist