As we said before, tequila consumption is on the uptick and seems to stay that way for now. Perhaps people finally acquired an appreciation for its diverse nuances. Over the years, we’ve seen distilleries introduce a wave of fresh expressions that drinkers snap up eagerly. Now, one of the biggest brands drops a new addition to its lineup – the Rosado.

Don Julio has been around since 1942 and enjoys renown across the globe for its agave-based spirit. Its Blanco remains the flagship of its catalog and is a must-sample for those with a newfound love for tequila. Its latest entry, however, may seem like a marketing gimmick at first, but there’s more to it than just the blush.

Yes, pink tequilas are not exactly revolutionary, but when a distillery like Don Julio introduces one, people are bound to notice. Crafted from 100% Blue Weber agave, it undergoes a traditional distillation process. Like most distilled spirits, it starts off as clear but then acquires its rosy shade – hence, Rosado – during the aging process.

Casks formerly housing Ruby Port wine from Douro, Northern Portugal are crucial elements here. After a period of four months inside these barrels, the once colorless liquid acquires the distinctive hue of its namesake. As with any tequila, the Rosado would make a wonderful ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

Nevertheless, it’s always best to try it neat at the start. Don Julio shares that the Rosado is “crisp with traditional hints of sweetness” on the nose. The taste of caramel and dried red fruit is then followed by a sweet, light, and smooth finish. Another serving suggestion would be to add a splash of soda, lemon/orange, and agave syrup.

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Images courtesy of Don Julio