When you’re out overlanding, provisions are essential if you plan to extend your stay outdoors. Unless you have an off-road-ready camper or RV, food and beverage storage can be an issue. MREs, dry goods, and instant food are necessary when a cooler is unavailable. However, the CFX3 75DZ from Dometic should come in handy instead.

A regular high-quality cooler can keep the contents cool for days, but a refrigerator can do so indefinitely. The only caveat is the need for a power source. If you have a vehicle or a portable battery pack, this won’t be an issue. The CFX3 75DZ measures 18.58” x 35.12” x 19.49” (H x W x D) and weighs 61.29 lbs.

Dometic ships it with a 6.6-foot AC power supply cable and DC power supply cable. The 75-liter interior can hold up to 113 12-ounce cans. It uses a compressor system with R-134a refrigerant and polyurethane insulation for the lining. It supports dual-zone cooling with a temperature range of -7°F to +50°F.

Instead of a single lid, you have two for each compartment with independent temperature control. You can toggle the latter via push buttons with a digital display. Another option would be to pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The companion app for the CFX3 75DZ lets you monitor its status and toggle the settings as well.

Interior LED lighting helps at night, while a drain plug makes it easy to empty the condensation inside. The base features threaded inserts for mounting your CFX3 75DZ. For now, Dometic only offers the cooler in a Slate/Mist colorway. Now you can crack open a cold one even in the middle of nowhere.

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Images courtesy of Dometic Outdoor