What started out as a sturdy, working-class piece of footwear became, by the end of the 1980’s, a symbol of youth and rebellion. Doc Martens are known as much for their comfortable air-cushioned soles as the trademark yellow welt stitching. They were heavy and durable and carried legions of laborers through their days. That changed when Pete Townsend, of the rock band, “The Who” donned Doc Marten boots on stage as a celebration of working-class pride.

The brand grew so popular among British and American youth that the distinctive boots and shoes were adopted as the standard uniform for many revolutionary groups. Suddenly the smaller sized Doc Martens began to fly off the shelves as women took them up and stamped their own personalities to the multitude of styles.

Keeping with the tradition, Doc Martens have developed over the last 100 years, a new breed of boot and shoe emerges; the Doc Marten Lite ($105-$135). Produced with the same eye for quality & durability, the new Doc Martens are now more comfortable. The rubber outsoles are noticeably lighter, and the memory foam insoles will assure the legend will continue long into the future.

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