Relwen’s Thermal P-Coat reimagines the classic peacoat by combining timeless design with modern high-performance materials. Whereas traditional designs normally use wool, this version provides warmth and keeps away the rain with a water-resistant, quilted shell.

This iteration keeps the classic 8-button front closure to form a double barrier against the elements while using a combination of high-quality materials for the shell. It is made with 73% nylon, 27% cotton and peached taslan faille w/ water resistant polyurethane coating at backside to keep rainshowers at bay and keep you dry and comfortable.

Meanwhile, the lining is made with 100% recycled polyester insulation of 80 gram fill with quilt-thru box stitched poly ripstop facing. The fabric is cut in a trim silhouette to add a touch of elegance and avoid looking boxy. Relwen’s Thermal P-Coat also has an authentic high stance wrap-around collar designed to be kicked-up at the back or with the entire coat closed around the neck.

Despite its classic design, Relwen’s Thermal P-Coat is lightweight and highly functional in protecting you from the cold or wind thanks to its quilted shell. The 8-button front also overlaps for double the protection while interior and exterior panels are quilted thru as one piece to create denser and durable seams. 

In terms of storage, this cool weather gear features pipe-reinforced double besom welt pocket openings and a zipped hidden interior chest pocket. Relwen’s Thermal P-Coat definitely boasts both functionality and style and is great outdoor wear when the temperature drops between 30ºF and 45ºF. It also comes in two colorways: Navy and DK Loden.

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Images courtesy of Relwen