The DMOS Alpha Shovel is aptly named – it is unlikely that you have ever seen something like it before. During a particularly heavy snowfall, you’ll need a special kind of shovel to clear your driveway. Well, with its oversized head complete with teeth, the Alpha Shovel is it.

The 17.5 inch head on the shovel allows you to get rid of twice as much snow while the teeth break up any ice that you may encounter. The shovel is made from 5052 aluminum which makes it incredibly durable and able to take on temperatures ranging from -40° to 170°. This alone guarantees that the shovel can last you a lifetime. The handle is adjustable all the way up to about 63 inches, making it suitable for practically everyone. Despite its size, it is quite compact and can be folded up and carried with you. This is the shovel that does it all.

Buy From DMOS $109