Hollywood blockbusters often become the launching point for certain trends and brands. Product placements in movies that eventually become cult classics leave a stronger impression. One of our favorites is “Back to the Future” and its clever take on time travel. A digital concept artist from Mumbai, India reimagines the time machine as a modern EV dubbed the DeLorean E.

In the movie, DeLorean Motor Company’s two-seater was modified by Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown (Christopher Lloyd) into a time machine. Along with Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), their escapades lead to a lot of historical hijinks. The renders of the DeLorean E by Onkar H retain the outline of the original but introduce some aesthetic tweaks.

The signature features of the DMC DeLorean are the gullwing doors. To our surprise, he completely ditches this iconic element and goes for a new mechanism instead. The DeLorean E now looks more like a fighter jet as the canopy lifts up for passengers to enter or exit the EV. There are no other means to make ingress and egress easier so owners should limber up before each ride.

The transparent canopy offers outstanding visibility for the driver and passenger. We guess electrochromic smart glass will be at play here to give occupants a shade when the need arises. The cockpit goes for a minimalist design with geometric form factors on the seats and steering wheel.

Onkar H did not specify if the upholstery is leather or Alcantara, but maybe a bit of both. Custom LED headlights form two strips that flank the DMC emblem dead center. The same goes for the taillights but the badge is on the rear bumper. Meanwhile, the flat-top wheels are finished in a speckled coat. The DeLorean E will have two color schemes available: gray and blue. 

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Images courtesy of Onkar H