In 2006, DJI was founded by Frank Wang and went on to become one of the world’s top brands. The company made a name for itself with its feature-packed drones, gimbals, and other imaging products. Just like every other firm that underwent exceptional growth, it eventually expanded into other market segments. Should you need a portable charging platform, check out the Power series.

Given DJI mostly deals with items that use rechargeable batteries, it makes sense for them to develop a power station. Depending on your needs, there’s the Power 500 and Power 1000. Primarily marketed as an ideal companion for its lineup of drones, these bad boys function exactly as you expect them to.

As hinted at by the names, there are two capacities available for purchase. The entry-level model packs 512 Wh — enough to fully recharge your smartphone 28 times. For an even larger energy density, the flagship unit is rated at a whopping 1,024 Wh to completely juice up your handset up to 57 times.

The product page tells us the Power 500 weighs around 16 lbs and supports up to 100W via two USB-C ports. Up next is the Power 1000 which is slightly heftier at 29 lbs. with a slightly boosted 140W output via USB-C. Built-in handles make both easy to transport.

According to tests, the batteries are expected to retain peak charging performance for about 4,000 cycles. Should you need to top-up the Power series while outdoors, it’s possible to hook them up to solar panels to harvest clean energy on a sunny day. Never run out of power unexpectedly with these in your arsenal.

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Images courtesy of DJI