DJI has been revving up its marketing push this final quarter with awesome new hardware. So far, we’ve covered a couple and are now ready for another. The Chinese brand and its diverse lineup of products enjoy worldwide recognition for quality and functionality. To bolster its roster of imaging tools is the Mavic 3.

These days, the use of commercial drones for aerial photography/videography is on a steady rise. DJI has managed to best its competitors by catering to various consumers based on their budget. It is now the go-to brand among professionals. The Mavic 3 showcases the very best of DJI with the tagline: “Imaging Above Everything.”

The manufacturer is granting its latest flagship a series of improvements over the outgoing version. Nonetheless, existing owners of the Mavic 2 can still hold off from its purchase if they are willing to wait for what the 2022 model might bring to the table. Still, the upgrades are certainly too enticing to overlook.

What it offers over the previous generation makes it very difficult to ignore. The Mavic 3 boasts a larger sensor – a 4/3” CMOS over the 1” CMOS of the Mavic 2. Flight time has been bumped up to 46 minutes. Meanwhile, transmission distance extends to 9.32 miles (FCC) and 7.46 miles (CE).

DJI also ensures that users get the most intuitive experience with the Mavic 3. Obstacle sensing keeps it safe from collisions, while object tracking helps keep your subject in focus. Finally, the Advanced RTH (Return to Home) feature will now plot the best flight path that conserves battery when you recall the drone.

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Images courtesy of DJI