If you’re ever in the market for a drone, a quick search online will always show one brand on top. For years now, DJI has maintained its foothold when it comes to handheld imaging accessories and camera drones. Although most of their models are geared toward consumers and casual enthusiasts, the Inspire 3 is for the professional crowd.

Retailing for $16,499, this is not for the average-spur-of-the-moment purchases. A quick glance at the features hints at their target market. Even if you have the money to spend on the Inspire 3, keep in mind that it is larger than the others in DJI’s robust lineup. However, it’s still easy to transport.

Thus, if it’s not an issue, then might be the best cinematography drone money can buy right now. As the product page notes, it “offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, camera language, and creative freedom.” We’re looking at exceptional maneuverability and responsive controls in the right hands.

Given some scenes require shooting in tight spaces with various obstacles in the way, DJI equips the Inspire 3 with an array of visual sensors. With its FPV camera, those behind the scenes can carefully navigate with precision. Moreover, fast charging technology and hot-swappable batteries mean there’s virtually no downtime.

The Inspire 3 boasts 360-degree Pan and Tilt Boost functions for obstruction-free shots. The manufacturer indicates the camera drone can shoot full-frame 8K/75 fps ProRes RAW and full-frame 8K/25 fps CinemaDNG footage. Meanwhile, the 03 Pro video transmission supports low-latency live feeds up to 9.32 miles. DJI provides the tool, while the people behind the lens unleash their creativity.

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Images courtesy of DJI