Despite the ubiquity of recreational and commercial drones, many still consider it a niche segment. Over the years, the addition of integrated cameras allows most models to stream a live feed. Thus, it makes flights even more immersive with the right set of tools. After the favorable reception of the FPV, DJI releases the Avata as a thrilling follow-up.

First off, you’ll notice that this new model has a smaller physical footprint than its predecessor. Most people describe it as palm-size, but it totally depends on how big your hands are. Nevertheless, the Avata is definitely more compact and portable this time around.

However, it also loses some of the sensors for collision detection. Despite these changes, its performance and capabilities are still top-notch. We like the built-in propeller guards as this offers a more forgiving experience for first-time flyers.

The durable structure means your drone can just bounce off and get right back to the action. Aside from maneuverability, it also excels in the imaging department. DJI outfits the Avata with a 1/1.7” sensor that touts a 155-degree wide-angle view.

Now you can capture more background details while your subject is framed perfectly. The inclusion of RockSteady 2.0 and HorizonSteady electronic image stabilization systems keep your footage as smooth as possible. There’s even a cool feature called Turtle Mode wherein the drone flips upright when it’s upside-down on the ground.

We recommend you grab the Pro-View Combo which includes the Motion Controller and Goggles 2. It can record videos in 2.7K at 120 FPS, but that drops down to 60 FPS at 4K. A full charge of your Avata gives you up to 18 minutes depending on how hard you push it.

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Images courtesy of DJI