In just a little over a week, we bid goodbye to summer and welcome fall. For some of us, it means we’re ever closer to Halloween so it’s time to shop for spooky stuff and treats. Meanwhile, others can’t wait for the shift in style as the days grow colder. To add some pizazz to your outfits, be sure to check out DITA’s 2022 Fall/Winter eyewear collection.

There is something for everyone here, but let’s showcase all the cool sunglasses for the guys. Prior to the full lineup reveal, DITA was already teasing the DUBSYSTEM – a fashionable pair of aviators. The frame, nose pads, and temples are crafted out of titanium with ornate textures you can appreciate up close. It’s a solid choice for those who prefer shades with a slim profile.

Next up is the GRAND-APX which presents a bold statement with its juxtaposition of materials, patterns, and textures. What we have here is a high-quality Japanese acetate, which is used for the frame and temples. A custom horizontal wire core reinforces the latter. DITA also opts for titanium nose pads as well as on the hardware and hinge system of this sophisticated model.

Finally, there’s the THAVOS, which somewhat resembles the GRAND-APX but with none of the geometric edges. It’s practically a curvier – thereby sexier – version of the GRAND-APX. DITA opts for understated elegance for its latest collection. The use of premium materials and exquisite design is always a recipe for success. The entire DITA Fall/Winter 2022 collection ships with a stylish eyewear roll case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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Images courtesy of DITA