One of the trends we have been seeing when it comes to travel is sustainable accommodation in remote areas. As eco-friendly alternatives to posh hotels or resorts become more accessible, most operators choose to put these facilities up in breathtaking locations. To streamline the process for all parties involved, what we have here is the Districthive.

Developed by Moho Arquitectos, this structure serves as an off-grid capsule hotel that can be placed almost anywhere. Cities – no matter how interesting some may be – can feel overrated when you seek to relax away from urban settings.

Thus, the Districthive promises a nomadic experience that packs all the creature comforts of a top-class accommodation. How many of you can wake up to a breathtaking view of serene landscapes? Given that each module is 100% self-sufficient and transportable, it’s really up to the operator where they want to set up shop.

Everything guests might need should be available within its walls. The Districthive boasts a total gross floor area (TGFA) of 484 square feet. It can take a family of four and comes complete with a living room, kitchen, washroom, hammocks, and more.

They are taking the off-grid distinction seriously as all aspects of its functions do not affect the environment. Electricity comes from solar energy, while it produces water from moisture in the air. Sewage management technology turns solid waste into ash, while greywater undergoes filtration and becomes fit for use in irrigation.

Check-in/out, purchase of food/drinks, and payment for other services are all automated via a centralized app. Smart features of the Districthive give you full control over every aspect of the “podhotel.” Music, lights, energy consumption, and fragrances are just a tap away. Furthermore, an A.I. voice assistant is there to help out.

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Images courtesy of Districthive