Privately held American aircraft manufacturer ICON has found a brilliant way of making the seaplane concept both more appealing and more accessible to the average person. The ICON A5 is the world’s first personal seaplane, a compact flying machine that is not only super exciting, but also incredibly easy to store in a regular garage.

ICON A5 Personal Convertible Seaplane Icon A5 Personal Seaplane, Front View Icon A5 Personal Seaplane Icon A5 seaplane, Side View

This is possible thanks to its foldable wings and overall small size. The ICON A5 can even be taken on road trips if you also happen to be a trailer owner. The plane’s cabin can comfortably sit two people, which means you can share the joys of flying with a fellow adventure enthusiast.

The company ensures proper training for anyone who is not yet a pilot but wants to get one of these fun toys. Once your training is complete, you can take your private seaplane on unforgettable explorations at up to 109 miles per hour.

Icon A5 seaplane Icon A5, Back View Icon A5 Personal Convertible Seaplane ICON A5 Personal Seaplane, Icon A5 World’s First Personal Seaplane, Icon A5