You must admit that there are dog owners who only want the best for their furry buddies. Only top-quality food, an excellent veterinarian, nutritious food, and more. When it comes to their transport, however, you will need a carrier in certain scenarios. Diggs presents the Revol Dog Crate – an adaptable piece of equipment for your pooch.

Unless you’re traveling privately via car, ship, or aircraft, operators are not usually allowing pets in the passenger areas. Thus, you want a container that’s sturdy, durable, and can collapse into a smaller physical footprint for storage. The Revol Dog Crate boasts all those characteristics and more.

It is “inspired by baby industry quality standards,” said Diggs. It likewise uses premium materials and takes ergonomics into account. Depending on the breed of your dog, the manufacturer offers it in three sizes. You can get in small (28” x 21” x 20”), medium (35” x 24” x 23”), and large (45.3” x 33” x 31”).

Each model weighs 25 lbs, 32 lbs, and 53 lbs respectively. The Revol Dog Crate is collapsible and can be fully set up in seconds. When not in use, it’s easy to move around via the carrying handles and wheels. To prevent injuries, the carrier features a diamond-shaped mesh and a solid plastic frame.

Diggs ships the Revol Dog Crate with a puppy divider and a removable bottom tray. Cleanup is a breeze since the components are resistant to moisture and corrosion. Garage-style doors and hatch access on top make it easy for your pet to enter or exit the box. Make sure to grab the optional Snooz Crate Pad to make it even more comfortable for your four-legged pal.

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Images courtesy of Diggs