We’re no strangers to fancy gimmicks distilleries pull off to promote their spirits. It’s all part of an elaborate marketing scheme to generate publicity for new releases or to peddle their older stocks. Still, you can’t deny these tactics usually end in success. However, Dictador’s latest venture – the M-City Golden Cities – might be a bit too much.

Firstly, this experience is an extremely exclusive one as the Cartagena, Colombia-based group confirms it is an invite-only affair. Clients who are on the list should grab this opportunity as it’s not entirely certain if another like it will become available in the future. These select few will drop by the production facility for something awesome.

Along with Dictador’s master distillers, buyers will curate a blend that caters to their preferences. This means each M-City Golden Cities rum is practically a bespoke expression for its owners to enjoy. Their discerning tastes should make for a unique medley of characteristics enthusiasts can only hope to sample.

As the name tells us, another interesting element of this promotion is M-City. His highly sought-after talents are essential for this collaboration’s appeal. To ensure their personally concocted spirit is stored in style, the contemporary artist will design a 24-carat gold bottle.

The precious metal is an opulent choice to become the storage vessel for rum. Moreover, each container will feature intricate details that show the map of their city of choice. The sheer extravagance here means each M-City Golden Cities rum will cost approximately $1 million. Dictador will continue to offer it until sales reach $1 billion.

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Images courtesy of Dictador