As the old Star Wars flame reignites pop culture with the all-new The Force Awakens episode, branded merchandise is invading stores everywhere. Fashion items, kids’ toys, precious collectibles – they are all ready to find a special spot inside your home.

Diamond Studded Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Appealing to the luxury loving side in all Star Wars fans, the movie’s latest adorable BB-8 droid is now available in 18-karat gold and with some 860 sparkling diamonds totaling 18 carats. The collectible is 4.25 inches high and weighs about a pound and a half.

The iconic R2-D2 droid was definitely a tough act to follow, but we are optimist about BB-8’s potential to win our hearts and earn our affection. Some of us might even fall so much in love with it that we will be perfectly willing to spend in excess of $135,000 for this glam version of it.

Star Wars 18-karat Gold BB-8 Droid