If you’ve bought a brand-new TV or are about to get one, we want to point out one aspect that most consumers might have overlooked. Since most leading consumer electronics brands are engineering their panels to be as thin as possible, some models take a hit in the audio department. This is never an issue when you have a soundbar like the Dione.

Circling back to acoustic performance. Equipping their panels with smaller speakers is not the only workaround for keeping the housing as slim as possible. Others, choose to bundle their units with a soundbar instead. Devialet, on the other hand, offers the Dione — an upscale option to enhance your entertainment experience.

To get the most out of your home cinema experience, remember to take into account the visuals and audio. The goal is to make everything as immersive as possible. The Dione is what the manufacturer describes as “a true all-in-one soundbar” and we believe every word of it.

Don’t mind the home theater snobs that swear by a multi-speaker setup. Some would rather maximize their spaces for other stuff, which is why products like the Dione exist. Devialet is packing 17 high-end drivers – all of which are precisely tuned to produce Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 surround sound.

Connectivity is likewise all accounted for with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2, AirPlay 2, TOSLINK, HDMI 2.1 ARC/eARC, and CEC TV remote synchronization. Furthermore, Devialet’s SPACE algorithm dynamically scales mono or stereo signals into 5.1.2, rich in acoustic layers and nuances. The Dione boasts a maximum output level of 101 dB SPL at a meter, 950W RMS, and a 24 Hz – 21 kHz frequency response.

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Images courtesy of Devialet