There’s just something about the old-school motorcycle design that appeals even to the younger generation of enthusiasts. Deus Ex Machina knows how to impress its fans as it introduces The Forager. It’s an optimal combination of the past and the present repackaged as a classy moto.

This fantastic build starts off with a Yamaha XSR700 — a machine with a muscular stature. The scrambler type bike has a remarkably retro vibe even in its stock configuration. There are curves in all the right places and a naked frame to show off all essential components that make it come alive.

The Forager is a commission by a client which goes beyond the original request. Its plans and mechanical customizations are the work of Jeremy Tagand of Deus Ex Machina. The Aussie shop is eager to share all the cool details about this special project.

The powertrain of the Yamaha XSR700 is left intact, but it welcomes an SC-Project Conic 70’s stainless-steel exhaust and custom radiator guard. The tank now flaunts a bespoke colorway inspired by the green paint of Jack Brabham’s BT19 race car, while the gold is from the Arrows A2 F1 car.

Deus Ex Machina is also replacing the headlights with 7” LED while The Forager is also getting Kellermann Atto indicators. Meanwhile, the Yamaha-installed tail light is replaced with a smaller LED unit atop an alloy rear fender. The forks now sport JVB gaiters and an SW-Motech alloy front fender.

Biltwell bars and a Daytona Velona speedometer adorn the cockpit. Motogadet buttons, mirrors, grips, and a “Purpose Built Moto Black Box.” To round off The Forager, Deus Ex Machina outfits the bike with Alpina Raggi wheels shod in Pirelli MT60RS tires and a reworked Yamaha saddle.

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Images courtesy of Deus Ex Machina