Flat tracker bikes are as popular now as ever and amid this resurgence of interest, Deus Ex Machina Japan has reworked what a Honda VTR250 can be. Naming their new creation the ‘South Paw’ ($NA), they took the 249cc V-twin engined bike and focused their work more on the back giving the bike a sturdier suspension along with a lower stance profile. The exhaust has one-off stainless steel Mugen headers and a new monocoque body that was designed especially for this build and was ultimately formed in carbon fiber, woven glass, and an epoxy composite.

The 17″ Excel alloy racing rims, 4.5″ in the back and 3″ in the front, give excellent road-holding power dressed in their Metzeler Sportec M7 RR tires, while the upgraded 320mm front disc brakes help with the stopping power. While this sporty Honda VTR250 may be destined more for the city streets than the open road, the ‘South Paw’ is full roar every way that counts, revving upwards of 12,000rpm of road-happy power.