For an authentic off-roading experience, you can never go wrong with trophy trucks. These purpose-driven rides are tough, robust, and ready for any terrain. One downside, though: they all look pretty much the same.

EPTA Design hopes to inject some design diversity into the trophy truck mould with this new output, called the Desert Storm. This sinister-looking matte-black off-roader concept combines high-octane performance with a sleek, sophisticated design.

Underneath, you’ll see some familiars. Like its desert-bound relatives, Desert Storm boasts a huge ground clearance, a formidable suspension system, and a roll cage. The cabin lets go of the frivolous for a barebones, minimal affair. But you do get an open bed with two huge spare all-terrain tires. And it comes with nifty extras not easily found elsewhere. Like the exposed carbon fiber body panels. Or the integrated housing for the floodlights, which come mounted on the roof. Plus, who in their right would dare overlook that incredibly brutal aesthetic and aerodynamic body?

We won’t be surprised if someone mistakes this for a prop from a film. If Christopher Nolan made Fast and Furious, this would definitely fit right in. It’s drenched in this post-apocalyptic vibe. But it doesn’t apologize for its deliberate dreariness. Instead, it celebrates it. And that confidence is part of charm.

The only thing wrong with this beastly 4×4 is that it’s just a concept. And that means it likely won’t ever be turned into a reality. Not unless someone who’s both rich and nuts about cars throws funding to move it past the concept stage. So, for now, enjoy what could be even though what is may never happen.


Photos courtesy of EPTA Design