Wherever your adventure takes you, you need to have a sturdy seat on hand for times when you just want to lounge about. After a long day of walking, running, or when setting up camp, or basking in the warm glow of the sun by the beach, a portable stool is always a necessity.  The Departo Folding Chair, with its clean aesthetics, certainly stands out in the outdoor setting. 

This chair boasts high-end sophistication, which speaks for the brand’s other notable offerings: from furniture to housewares. It boasts a sleek, minimalist design worthy of praise for any indoor and outdoor setting. A merge of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, this essential furniture cuts a distinctive appearance. 

The Departo Folding Chair boasts a canvas seat and ash wood for its legs and backrest that’s equipped with steel supports. It features clean lines and a utilitarian structure that offers a fresh alternative to a classic design. This is a high-design folding chair that would look great whether at a dinner party or at a BBQ.   

Best of all, it has a minimal footprint be it when folded or completely opened. It measures 18.9” wide x 29.1” high x 18.8” deep. For added portability, it comes with leather handles for easy carrying. The important part is it folds away for minimal storage space. It would not be a hassle to haul it around especially since it only weighs 3 kg.

The Departo Folding Chair is certainly a versatile tool for modern living spaces and modern lifestyles. It suits virtually any space and provides comfort no matter the destination.

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Images courtesy of Departo