The most recent Star Wars trilogy remains the subject of criticism. Even hardcore fans have voiced out their opinions on what made films suck and what could have been done to fix them. Nevertheless, just like Darth Vader’s mask, Kylo Ren’s helmet becomes another icon. If you ever want a replica to display or even wear, DENUO NOVO has one coming.

We can still fondly remember the first time we saw the unique lightsaber wielded by the baddie. It had a crossguard that emitted super-heated plasma, which just looks so cool. However, Ben Solo’s obsession with Darth Vader influences him to wear something symbolic as well.

Aside from the crimson beam of his weapon, the headgear was another tool that made him look more threatening. The helmet we have here from DENUO NOVO is from the latter part of the movies. It now shows cracks lined with crimson after Kylo Ren reforged the broken pieces.

These visual cues are reminiscent of the Japanese art of Kintsugi which highlights an object’s imperfections. Instead of gold, the Star Wars universe went with an exotic material they call “Sarrassian” iron. Unlike Vader’s mask, Kylo Ren’s accessory is a combat helmet with silver accents that frame the visor.

DENUO NOVO meticulously reproduces these details to great effect. They use fiberglass for its shell with an interior lining of padding for comfort. That’s right! You can wear this bad boy for whatever reason there may be. It uses an adjustable system that can fit up to size 8 U.S. hat sizes. No need to assemble anything as the Kylo Ren helmet will ship ready to wear.

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Kylo Ren side Kylo Ren front

Images courtesy of DENUO NOVO