Named after a local orchid, the Dendrobium Electric Hypercar ($TBA) created by Vanda Electric out of Singapore is so powerful that the hyper expression barely fits. This prototype Formula One racer-inspired vehicle has a carbon fiber/aluminum body formed by London, England’s EPTA design firm with Formula One grill and a rear spoiler spanning the wheel arches.

Power comes from the 90 and 100 kilowatt batteries that give the Dendrobium a range of about 250 miles at a top speed of about 250 mph. Its four motors produce a massive 1,500 hp and 4,000 Nm of torque that helps it hit 0 to 60 mph in a ripping 2.6 seconds.

Besides the prototype being introduced at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show this year, Vanda is limiting production to ten units. Their small team promises the Dendrobium will perform even better than the sleek look implies. Overall, it looks like an impressive achievement for a company that has never even built a vehicle before (but has some $10 million in capital behind it)!