Eventually, one car will no longer be enough. As your family grows, the need for a second vehicle or maybe a bigger model will eventually come up. So, you might want to upgrade your garage or perhaps build a new one from scratch. Den Outdoors offers several options of their The Garage package to give your machine a stylish home of its own.

Before anything else, please don’t forget to consider the size of the area you want to build on. To give you an idea, The Garage is available in two configurations to accommodate your automobile and more. The standard layout sees it take up 650 square feet, while the structure measures 26’ x 25’ and will fit up to two cars.

If you find it lacking, better go for the next one which will require 950 square feet to put up a 38’ x 25’ The Garage to store up to three rides. Both stand approximately 21’ from the top of the foundation and peak of the roof. 

As with most of their exploits, Den Outdoors goes for an A-Frame design and mostly uses wood which gives it a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the interior with natural light. The Garage also features a workroom so you can tackle other projects away from distractions.

Basically, whatever you want to turn it into is possible with the help of Den Outdoors. Generous storage spaces help you organize your gear and tools. Meanwhile, the mini-split AC will keep you cool or toasty depending on the season.

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Images courtesy of Den Outdoors