After years of settling for aftermarket custom builds, restorations, and concepts, DeLorean finally brings back its iconic vehicle. However, it underwent a modern revamp which completely changes all of its signature characteristics. It’s now a four-seater with a green powertrain but retains the gullwing doors. While we wait for details about its release and pricing, the carmaker unveils the Omega.

As we said before, Monterey Car Week 2022 is full of surprises. Although DeLorean is yet to share details about the pricing and launch date for the Alpha5, it hypes us up again with more futuristic models. It was hardly the only platform up its sleeve at the event.

The rugged EV was unveiled alongside the Alpha5 Plasmatail — a hatchback version of the all-electric sedan. As it stands right now, there’s no clear definition of what the Omega really is. Given the wide stance, tall ride height, and aggressive unique wheel design, some call it an SUV.

On the other hand, the aggressive aerodynamics of its body suggests otherwise. In our opinion, the Omega closely resembles something NASA and DeLorean would come up with for its upcoming lunar mission. Still, press materials point out that its silhouette draws inspiration from “baja-themed off-road racing” platforms.

We can probably consider it as an upcoming rival to Tesla’s Cybertruck. The transparent canopy appears to extend from the hood to the tail. Visibility might be an issue here as there are no windows on the sides. Instead, DeLorean goes for opaque doors. Instead of traditional headlights and taillights, the Omega features what seems to be transparent acrylic fins that illuminate at the tips.

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Images courtesy of DeLorean