Deep-sea diving is an exciting and exhilarating activity. A chance to explore the ocean and see the life below, it’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with the environment. While a great adventure, deep-sea diving also requires meticulous planning and a list of must-have accessories to ensure your trip into the sea is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

If you’re ready to explore the sea, we take a look at some of the must-have accessories which you should look at getting.


A high-quality diving mask should be at the top of every diver’s equipment list. When it comes to choosing one, while you can hire equipment like this, having one that perfectly fits you and is of the standard you want will ensure you have an amazing time.


Just like your mask, a suit is essential for any diver. Wetsuits are recommended for those swimming in warmer water and drysuits in colder temperatures. As well as helping to control body temperature in the water, wearing a suit can help reduce the chance of cuts, grazes and any other hazards caused by marine creatures, such as jellyfish stings.


All divers should wear a watch; it allows them to see how long they have been under the water for. One of the most iconic diver watches is the Omega Seamaster 300M, which is waterproof up to 30 bar. Some people buy a luxury watch with no intention of ever getting it wet, however, that’s exactly what the Seamaster was made to do. The Seamaster, like the ones available from Watchmaster, is also the favoured watch of both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond.

Dive computer

Diving equipment and accessories have come a long way. One technological advancement has been seen on a dive computer. Investing in one is seen as essential as it can help measure your depth as well as working out how long you can spend in the water. This is an extra layer of safety and helps to prevent decompression sickness (where too much nitrogen has dissolved into the body due to increase pressure).


While this isn’t essential in the sense of safety and security as the others, it is a great idea to take a camera down with you. You can expect to see some weird and wonderful things under the sea, and you wouldn’t want to miss capturing the incredible experience on camera.

If you’re planning your next adventure, as well as the essential equipment you need, look at investing in these key pieces to ensure your deep-sea diving experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible.