Taking a dip in the pool seems like a typical leisure activity, but it could mean something else for others. Those with a fear of drowning or just plain scared of diving into the deep end may want to stay close to the shallow section only. On the other hand, if you really want to test your limits, book a trip to visit Deep Dive Dubai.

Most resorts and hotels try to appeal to guests of all ages. As such, their pools typically have depths that allow adults and teens to comfortably stand with their heads above water. An exception would be those with diving platforms. Depths here can range anywhere between 12 to 18 feet deep depending on how high people are diving from.

Nevertheless, Deep Dive Dubai is in a league of its own. It goes all the way down to 196 feet and is recognized by the Guinness World Records for it. The good news here is that it’s now open to everyone. Previously, visits to the site were by invitation only.

Seasoned divers may prefer the ocean or other bodies of water, but unpredictable weather can be problematic. Meanwhile, Deep Dive Dubai is indoors which gives operators full control over a lot of factors. 14 million liters of freshwater is kept at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit which means there’s no need to wear a wetsuit.

Every six hours it circulates through filters to meet the strictest standard in hygiene. Even amateurs can enjoy the experience as freediving and scuba instructors are there to help. 56 cameras monitor every nook and cranny of the Deep Dive Dubai to ensure safety. Those with Thalassophobia might want to steer clear of this attraction. However, they can always view the action through large windows on the sides.

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Images courtesy of Deep Dive Dubai