Dubbed as the “world’s first Climate Cabin,” the Klimakabine harnesses the power of its natural materials for the enviable cozy sauna experience. It is the world’s first climate-controlled cabin that’s made with moss filter, OSB, and stone pine. 

There’s just something innately comforting with staying in a log cabin in the woods. You feel comforted with the crackling of wood burning on the fireplace. Or even with the sounds of nature assaulting your ears. Pair that with a cup of hot drink in hand, then even the rain and the snow can’t hamper your mood.

This is what designer Martin Oberhauser Einzelunternehmer and Declara company envisioned when they designed the Klimakabine. It uses the power of nature to create a meditative space where one can disconnect from the outside world. It uses a combination of high-quality materials to create an ecologically controlled cabin.  

First, there’s loam that regulates the climate and allows air to naturally circulate inside. Secondly, it has a moss filter to naturally purify the air, and lastly, stone pine wood, known for its health benefits. Cabins made with this type of wood give off a pleasant aroma beneficial for health. All these natural materials give the user the most relaxing and soothing experience. 

Moreover, the Klimakabine has a unique, sloping frame that resembles a sitting pod. It also has an inclined glass opening that provides a wide or panoramic view of the surroundings. The opening is slightly glazed for privacy and inside sits a single wooden bench. This cabin would certainly sit well in a garden for days when you want calm and relaxation while in the city.

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Images courtesy of Declara