Pickup trucks and vans are popular for several reasons. When you want a vehicle that can haul cargo, a trailer, or maybe a camper conversion, you have a huge selection of makes and models available. If ever your ride needs a modular storage system that won’t expose your gear or supplies to the elements, Decked will hook you up with their versatile Drawer System.

As you can see, the bed of your truck can be configured in so many ways. What the manufacturer brings to the table is a heavy-duty and intuitive platform that does away with the hassle of reaching for conventional roof storage setups. Keep the rack just in case t, while the rest of your stuff is accessible from the ground level.

Not only does the Drawer System turn your truck’s bed into a customizable storage solution, but the top cover is tough enough to support various types of payloads. According to Decked, their product is constructed out of “high impact resistant polymer resin co-molded to a steel subframe.” Depending on the size of the vehicle, it can handle a load between 1,000 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. 

For security, just lock the tailgate to prevent access, but there is an option to integrate a keyed lockset for that extra layer of protection against theft. Even without a camper shell, the Drawer System is totally weatherproof to ensure all contents are never compromised. Not only can you access the full bed-length drawers the conventional way, but pass-throughs are likewise incorporated into the wheel wells.

To fully organize all items, Decked also offers optional dividers which slot into place with a snap. Other awesome accessories include the D-Co Cases, foam liners, drawer locks, traction mats, D-ring tie-downs, trays, stash bins, emergency kits, and more. Kit out your pickup truck or van with the Drawer System to optimize storage space.

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Images courtesy of Decked