The Decibullz Black Diamond True Wireless Earphones provides on-the-go audio playback without compromising ear comfort. These earbuds are easily customizable to fit any ear shape so it stays snug no matter your movements.

This device uses thermo-fit technology to form to the exact shape of your ears. It needs a pre-soak in hot water to get the perfect molding for a super secure fit. The earphones will hold their shape until they are reheated for another custom fit. This means no earpieces are the same since they are unique to each user.

Apart from it being customizable, the Decibullz Black Diamond also provides distortion-free and crystal clear sound. Audio playback is well-balanced, clean, and powerful. Likewise, these earphones adapt to your personal listening style. It has a built-in digital audio passthrough that allows you to hear ambient noise when you want to or tune them out completely when you don’t.

This true wireless earphones device connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and provides six hours of audio playback and another 25 hours with its magnetic charging case. Its fast-charging feature gives you an hour and five hours of listening with a 10-minute and 30-minute charge, respectively.

Meanwhile, the left and right earphones allow touch controls for phone calls, music playback, and even for Google and Alexa voice commands. The Black Diamond is IPX7 waterproof and dustproof so it is safe to use at the gym or in the outdoors.

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Photos Courtesy of Decibullz