Before a house is built, owners work with their architects to decide on the specifics. Normally, what matters the most are the interior volumes, but exterior features can likewise enhance the overall presentation. Days in YARD hopes to bring back a classic way of living with its courtyard home project.

According to the design firm, these days people chose to live in modern apartments. Thus, Haipeng Ren, Days in YARD ‘s lead architect, asks, “how can we bring back that once-cherished living space and make it livable according to today’s standards?” His answer is this residential property in Beijing.

Staying inside a box-like dwelling can be detrimental to one’s wellbeing. Given that people are inherently social, open-air living arrangements can feel fresher and inviting to residents and guests alike. Meanwhile, prior to its remodeling, there were several challenges facing the studio.

Upon inspection, the Days in YARD team notes the existing structure did not meet China’s construction code. Meanwhile, the owner’s privacy was likewise at risk given a neighbor’s house to the South had windows facing directly the property.

Thankfully, the architect had free rein on how to turn this into a modern dwelling. To allow the lower level to feel more open, the only doors installed were for the bathrooms. Thus, Days in YARD designs the courtyard to seamlessly flow into the living spaces within.

Days in YARD notes there are three lofts, a patio, a team room, a painting studio, a recording room. We also love the brick arches that adorn the inside and outside of the home. A double-height ceiling in some areas also makes the rooms feel massive.

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