DANGO wallets are already built for the long haul with its rugged and strong yet sleek built boasting with extreme portability and functionality. But the brand further ups the strength level of this everyday carry, especially its T01 and M1 wallets with the addition of ULTEM material to make them exceptionally resilient to daily wear and tear. 

DANGO already utilized ULTEM, an incredibly durable and heat-resistant thermoplastic characterized by its yellow color, to its writing pens. Now they have equipped the material to the M1 Lite and M1 Maverick wallets, as well as to the T01 model. The horizontal tactical T01 wallet can hold a max of 10 cards comfortably and 12 if you push it inside its flexible DTEX pockets. The DTEX material also enhances grip and resistance to wear and water damage with its distinct texture. 

Then there’s the smoked silicone band on the exterior which holds extra cash or important documents. It already comes with a strong and lightweight RFID-backed carbon fiber backplate but gets more resilience for everyday use with the CNC-machined ULTEM chassis.

Meanwhile, DANGO incorporates ULTEM to the M1 Lite bifold wallet to complement the CNC-machined aluminum rail system. This model can hold 13 cards, has a secret stash for cash, and held together by a handy MT01 multi-tool clasp.

As for the DANGO M1 Maverick, it also has a carbon fiber chassis and silicone band like the T01 model and can hold ten cards inside DTEX pockets. It is held together with mil-spec stainless steel bolts and the ULTEM material added to the backplate for added robustness. 

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Images courtesy of DANGO Products