Windbreakers are quintessential cold-weather wear as they provide warmth at the same time repels water to keep you dry and cozy. They usually come in thin fabric making them a lighter version of jackets and in a sporty silhouette ideal for laid-back occasions. But the Dan Anthony Urban Windbreaker ups the design factor with a few inches of comfortable bulk from duck down insulation and a sportscoat silhouette making it ideal as semi-formal wear. 

This is a cross between a puffer and a windbreaker but looks more put together than most puffer coats. It is designed for those who want to stay warm without sacrificing style and comfort. This outdoor wear features a wind and water resistant exterior made from a combination of polyester and cotton. Polyester is lightweight and naturally hydrophobic so it expels water. It is also resistant to wrinkling, mildew, UV, and stretch and shrink resistant.

Meanwhile, cotton is breathable and temperature regulating so it offers comfort in both cold and warm weather. It also lends a soft and fluffy feel to the Dan Anthony Urban Windbreaker. For storage, side pockets are spacious enough for important everyday items and also for the hands to keep them warm.   

To seal the warmth in, this windbreaker has a zipped central closure and two buttons cinched in the middle. You can opt to completely bundle yourself and close all to keep things cozy. You can also go for cool casual by having them opened especially when worn as a layer. Closing the zippers only lets you wear this jacket on its own. The Dan Anthony Urban Windbreaker comes in black or greyish-green colorways. 

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Images courtesy of Beverly Based