Folks who love to travel and reconnect with nature in the great outdoors should save up for a camper or RV. Unless you prefer to hike and camp out the traditional way, these motorhomes are awesome alternatives. There’s no shortage of choices out there, especially if you’re in North America and Europe. Now, those in Japan can also enjoy a similar experience with the EVERY WAGON Little D.

This compact customization package is the work of DAMD and calls on a Suzuki Every van as the donor vehicle. Despite its diminutive footprint, this model turns into a highly capable overlanding machine. Many would prefer larger platforms like a pickup truck or SUV, but the size of the EVERY WAGON Little D is part of its charm.

Conversions like these are ideal for people who crave the creature comforts of home. The shop behind this build specializes in body kits. Hence, it revamps the boxy urban exterior into something more fitting for rough adventures. Clients can pick from a collection of upgrades or go for the full bundle.

If it’s the latter, your van will sport a larger grille, round headlights, custom bumpers, special decals, and more. DAMD can likewise kit out your EVERY WAGON Little D with off-road-ready components to tackle more challenging terrain. It then rides on black eight-spoke rims shod in Toyo Open Country R/T tires.

Additional lighting systems should enhance visibility when it gets dark. Other add-ons include a pull-out side awning for some shelter against the elements. While a pop-up roof expands the volume inside the van. Storage options are available so it can haul more items for your weekend escapades or longer. The EVERY WAGON Little D is now open for preorders.

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Images courtesy of DAMD