The Dainese Smart Jacket fuses style and protection in a stunning new package. Regardless of what you think of motorcycling, it’s arguably one of the most dangerous forms of transport since you expose so much of your body when traveling. Which is personal protection is of utmost importance, especially when you travel a lot on your bike.

Dainese is a company that’s been making airbag garments from over 25 years. Currently, it boasts a line of D-Air racing tracksuits and touring jackets. Its new Smart Jacket features the same D-Air technology. But it also adds a new feature: Stationary impact protection. There really is no use for this on racetracks, to be sure. Still, it offers significant additional protection for non-track riders.

“Smart Jacket is the result of more than 25 years of research on the D-air system, and combines in a single, intelligent, versatile, now available-for-everyone garment the ultimate in airbag technology for motorbikes, the same used by MotoGP professional riders.”

That’s Cristiano Silei, Dainese Group CEO. The Dainese Smart Jacket vest is worn under or over any jacket. The apparel features a built-in GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power for up to 26 hours. The real highlight here, though, is the D-Air system. It uses an algorithm that reads the connected sensors 1,000 times a second. It the processor senses danger, it immediately activates and inflates the airbag.

The jacket itself features abrasion and water-resistant material. It’s also ventilated for air circulation. Which is to say you can wear it in comfort even during summer. More info when you hit the link below.


Photos courtesy of Dainese