Daft Punk has been making music since the early 1990s, and in that time the electronic act has always bubbled under the mainstream while being mega-cool. Luckily the band has maintained its cool while finding huge success propelled by a kick ass Tron Legacy soundtrack and some fantastic singles.

The band’s latest album, “Random Access Memories” was released last week and the music is as amazing as ever. One of the most unique things about Daft Punk is their helmets, and now you can copy the look with these great Daft Punk Helmets ($500).
These are not band official items, but unless you need to own official gear you will find these amazing additions to your home. Finished in chrome with a Lexan visor with tinted finish, the Daft Punk Helmets look like the real thing worn by the band and on the front they feature a LED message scroller, so you can add some creativity and wind up your mates. via