Have you guys noticed that fashion labels are now expanding their reach beyond their usual fare? They now have ventured into other segments such as electronics and more. Other design houses – a British luxury brand for example – are even dabbling on something totally unexpected. It’s this DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry Edition.

Even without the exclusive distinction of being a tie-in, the electric dirt bike already boasts impressive features. Of course, the Concept-E RS Burberry Edition stands out visually apart from the standard version of the two-wheeler thanks to the livery. Meanwhile, the specifications match that of the regular model.

Make no mistake, onlookers will notice the Concept-E RS Burberry Edition variant right away. Thanks to the printed text on the sides that read “Burberry Limited” in white, almost like a mobile billboard. This extends from the body panels to almost the tip of the subframe. This is for the Metallic Grey colorway.

The Midnight Blue option sports different graphics but is equally striking as the other. Instead of text, the body flashes the TB monogram in white to contrast the dark body. Both feature seats and handlebars upholstered in leather embossed with the TB monogram as well.

The DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry Edition ships with a 9-kW electric motor powered by a 51.8V 4.7-kW lithium-ion battery. A full charge is enough for 68.35 miles, while the electric powertrain produces 44.25 lb-ft of torque with a top speed of 65.24 mph. 

A smooth ride comes from the fully adjustable Ohlins USD forks and rear suspension. Stopping power on demand is delivered by the Beringer brakes. DAB Motors is building only 20 examples of the Concept-E RS Burberry Edition and each will retail for a cool $34,000.

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Images courtesy of DAB Motors/Burberry